Operation Room

UCV HEPA differential velocities

Unidirectional airflow with decreasing air velocity from the centre

Aseptic for the patient, Safe for the medical staff, Comfort for the surgical team

DIF-OT is a ceiling-mounted HEPA filter system for Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) specifically designed for operating theatres to meet the highest cleanness during critical surgery like orthopedics, heart surgery, transplants and neurosurgery.

The groundbreaking system provides differential velocities decreasing from the centre towards the perimeter of the active surface, ensuring a constant and effective purging of the surgery area.


  • Self-balanced differential airflow velocities.

  • No air induction.

  • Effective ultra-clean central airflow to protect the patient from airborne particles.

  • Draft-free airflow velocities around the surgical table.

  • Utmost flexibility in positioning light stem and suspended equipment.

  • The ultimate solution for hybrid operating rooms.

  • The highest airflow uniformity thanks to the downstream equalizer.

  • Colour code filters for correct filter installation. 


  • OR-UCV DIF-OT technical data

  • OR-UCV HEPA DIF-OT brochure

  • Case study in real surgery

  • CFD analysis article


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