UCV HEPA differential velocities

Unidirectional airflow with decreasing air velocity from the centre

Aseptic for the patient, Safe for the medical staff, Comfort for the surgical team

DIF-OT is a ceiling-mounted HEPA filter system for Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) specifically designed for operating theatres to meet the highest cleanness during critical surgery like orthopedics, heart surgery, transplants and neurosurgery.

The groundbreaking system provides differential velocities decreasing from the centre towards the perimeter of the active surface, ensuring a constant and effective purging of the surgery area.


  • Self-balanced differential airflow velocities.

  • No air induction.

  • Effective ultra-clean central airflow to protect the patient from airborne particles.

  • Draft-free airflow velocities around the surgical table.

  • Utmost flexibility in positioning light stem and suspended equipment.

  • The ultimate solution for hybrid operating rooms.

  • The highest airflow uniformity thanks to the downstream equalizer.

  • Colour code filters for correct filter installation. 

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Now BIM - REVIT Ready!​
Now BIM - REVIT Ready!​

Designing an operating theatre just got easier! 

TechIN is excited to introduce the REVIT families of our exclusive partner SagiCofim.

Watch the video and get to know how in only 6 minutes you can integrate our supply and exhaust systems solutions to your project.

Supply Systems

  • Unidirectional flow OR canopies (OR unidirectional flow)

Exhaust Systems

  • Exhaust grilles and airflow dimensioning

  • Mechanically self-balanced to 3 different air velocities, decreasing air velocities from the ceiling centre.

  • Suitable for Operating Theatres with Colony Forming Units concentration less than 10 CFU / m³ in operating conditions.

  • Effective removal of contaminants thanks to the combined action of the velocity profile and the air extraction points located on the four corners of the room.

  • Guarantee environmental comfort for the surgical team.

  • Low noise level.

  • Structure in stainless steel for maximum resistance to sterilizing agents.

  • System designed for use in total safety without need for perimeter rigid curtains.

  • ISO Class 5 Operational.

  • The best choice for new projects and for retrofit.

  • Modular design: it can be integrated into different size environments.

  • The absence of barriers and side curtains facilitate the equipment handling in the room.

The advantages of an unconventional solution
The advantages of an unconventional solution

The last filtration system must be able to remove every type of pollutant, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Considering that it is almost impossible to eliminate the sources that generate and release biologically active particles, since the main sources of contamination are the same people who work in the operating room.

This is the main reason SagiCofim has designed and built a unique and unconventional solution to allow the engineers to reach the highest level of excellence in the indoor air quality, even in the most critical surgery rooms. This solution is called DIF.OT.

The 3 different air velocities work in synergy in order to ensure a clean air flow directed from the zone occupied by the surgical table towards the perimeter areas of the operating room to ensure maximum patient protection.

  1. The clean air from the centre effectively protects the patients.

  2. In the area where the staff is working the air velocity is low enough to avoid discomfort.

  3. The lowest velocity avoids any risk of contaminated air induction from the room to the clean area.

Filtering section & distribution terminals
Filtering section & distribution terminals

The different air velocities are guaranteed by a filter section integrated by tested HEPA filters.

Using specifically controlled permeable air diffusers, the 3-velocities system guarantees the highest levels of efficiency.

These membrane diffusers ensure maximum uniformity of the downstream air flow of each filter, consequently, allowing to have three different zones with three well-defined velocities.

Such uniform flow can not be achieved with conventional terminals for air distribution often used in similar applications.

The installation and the correct positioning of the different filters with the integrated diffusers are guided by the filter colouring, avoiding mistakes during installation on the field.


There are several factors and considerations to be studied to define the appropriate dimensions of the HEPA UCV diffuser, some of them:

  • Type of surgery

  • Number of medical personnel during surgery

  • Medical equipment

  • Time duration of the surgery

  • Among others…

Meanwhile, the correct dimensions shall be defined by the actual dimensions of the protected zone to establish once the correct airflow and velocities are set. SagiCofim offers standard UCV diffuser dimensions to be considered (See table on the image on the right).

If your project requires custom made solutions, our team will develop special equipment like:

  • Different dimensions

  • Different duct connections (individual, double, top connection…)

Our team is looking forward to working with your project! 



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