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Hybrid operating theatre

Combining surgery and imagery components

TechIN team will support you during the design, installation and commissioning of this type of rooms

Hybrid operating theatres are finding more and more space in hospitals around the world, this is direct consequence of the many benefits it delivers to the hospitals, surgeons and patients.

The concept of hybrid room provides the presence of advanced diagnostics systems fixed to the floor, ceiling or furniture, in addition to the area of surgery. This facilitates the operations diagnostic within the local area before, during and after the actual surgical intervention, very precisely.

All the installations accessories including the ventilation and air filtration, must be designed and manufactured to minimize their invasiveness.

Therefore, each hybrid room can be a symbol of excellence for each hospital.

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What is a Hybrid OR?
What is a Hybrid OR?

A hybrid OR combines two operating concepts, integration of a high-end angiography device into a completely equipped operating room.

Some applications: 

  • Tumour surgery

  • Orthopedic surgery

  • Cardiac surgery 

Some advantages:

  • Possible cooperation of different special fields

  • The CT scanner can be moved to the OT-table

  • Relocations and transportation isn’t required anymore 

  • Immediate therapy control

  • High level of safety for high-risk patients

  • Maximum flexibility 

HVAC system airflow
HVAC system airflow

The high occupancy generates a greater level of pollution compared to a normal operating room, both in terms of inert particles biologically active.

Depending on the type of clothing allowed by the internal procedures of the hospital and the filtering ceiling size, the TechIN / SagiCofim team are able to advise the correct amount of air flow through which the three different airflow velocities can operate in synergy with the maximum efficiency of pollutant removal.

Always considering the best National and International Standards and Design Guidelines.