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About us

Our vision is our commitment 

About us

TechIN started in 2016 in Melbourne - Australia with an entrepreneur engineer’s initiative, looking to deliver to the market engineering solutions as per customer needs, through the integration of technology and innovation.

The current world’s economy combined with the easy access to several products in the world market have transformed the HVAC&R and Medical Equipment industry, sometimes selling the product quality to the cheapest offer, consequently, this reduces the overall project design life, incurring on additional expenses to the end user with extra service costs and equipment replacement.

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We build bridges between your projects and the world’s technology

Therefore, TechIN mission is to design cost-effective solutions with the highest quality. How do we achieve this goal? We build bridges between the local and international expertise, (with our partner’s technical departments, our Australian staff, and the client’s project department), in order to get the best solution with the united experience.


We also want to remove the current distributor name concept in the market, this is the main reason why we don’t call ourselves product distributors; since we walk together hand to hand with our clients throughout the completion of the project; we help the Engineering Consultants during the design stage to get the product specified as per the best standards; we support the Contractors and Builders during the tender and building stages, and we develop the commissioning and after sales services.

Our Team
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