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A comprhensive product range for your HVAC&R projects

Our HVAC&R solutions

Chillers & Heat Pumps

Behind every RHOSS chiller there is over 52 years experience, backed up by one of the largest EUROVENT Research and Development centres in Europe. The range has been developed to achieve the highest efficiency covering a capacity scope starting at 5 kW up 1.7 MW (EUROVENT conditions).

Polyvalent heat pumps (4 pipes)

RHOSS EXP-Polyvalent system is the intelligent solution to air conditioning requirements in plants where the heating demand is simultaneously or independently combined with a cooling request (Multifunctional units dedicated to 2, 4 and 6 pipes systems).

Air handling units (AHUs)

ALDAG air handling units are specially designed for the health care industry, cleanroom applications, shopping centres and building in general. With airflow range from 400 l/s up to 34,700 l/s, EUROVENT Certified, Hygienic TUV certification. Modular units, vertical type, multizone and much more…

OR-UCVs HEPA unidirectional flow

SagiCofim UCVs are the result of over 30 years know-how developing filtration techniques and air diffusion in operating rooms. To protect patients from the risk of contracting infections, it is fundamental to be able to minimize the presence of contaminants, during the duration of each surgery.


The ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System isn’t just a way to remove 100% of the heat from your server rack, it’s a way to change the dynamic of how your data center is cooled.

Heat dissipation unit (HDU)

The Motivair HDU is connected directly to the computer cooling loop and sits adjacent to or proximate to the computer racks. Circulation pumps located inside the HDU move hot water from the computer system to the HDU’s air-cooled heat exchanger.

Chilled beams

Roccheggiani chilled beams are designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality and performance standards. The range consists of active and passive chilled beams, single or multiple air jet ways, flush-mounted, concealed installation, wall mounting, single and double coils…

Pre-Insulated duct panel (PIR)

Polyisocyanurate - Pre-Insulated duct panel (PIR) panel, coated with pure embossed aluminium foil. Suitable for the construction of ducts system in the air distribution, ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.

Hybrid operating theatre

A hybrid OR combines two operating concepts, integration of a high-end angiography device into a completely equipped operating room. TechIN team will support you during the design, installation and commissioning of this type of rooms.

Operating room exhaust grilles

Air exhaust grilles for contamination-controlled environments. The air exhaust grilles can be made from anodised aluminium (DEC A) or AISI 304 steel (DEC S), can be made to measure and include a grille, pre-filter, filter (high efficiency or absolute) and control damper.

Evaporators & Glycol Coolers

The EDEN evaporators and glycol coolers series offer a wide range of options, low/medium/high profiles, Freons, CO2, Glycol, AC & EC fans, installed TX valve and more.

Condensers & Dry Coolers

The EDEN condensers and dry coolers series offer wide range of options, vertical and horizontal discharge, V block arrangement, AC fans with speed controller, EC fans, fins corrosion protection.

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