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Our focus is cooling industries. Our Business is Cooling Yours.™

Motivair is a global company, dedicated to the design and production of mission critical cooling systems. 

The fourth industrial revolution is here and Motivair is uniquely positioned to support its continued evolution. 

Our wide range of products are focused on providing customized cooling solutions for the critical infrastructure and technology behind the world’s leading businesses, allowing them to offer better products and services while generating higher revenues and profits for their investors.

The Motivair range


The ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System isn’t just a way to remove 100% of the heat from your server rack, it’s a way to change the dynamic of how your data center is cooled.

Heat dissipation unit (HDU)

The Motivair HDU is connected directly to the computer cooling loop and sits adjacent to or proximate to the computer racks. Circulation pumps located inside the HDU move hot water from the computer system to the HDU’s air-cooled heat exchanger.

Coolant distribution unit (CDU)

Motivair’s range of Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs) represent the widest range and highest capacity standard and custom OEM CDUs available (Data centre & IT cooling).

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