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Coolant distribution unit (CDU)

Data centre & IT cooling

Motivair CDU allows the IT Management team to do more with less, today

Motivair’s range of Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs) represent the widest range and highest capacity standard and custom OEM CDUs available. By decoupling a building cooling loop from liquid cooled computer systems or the ChilledDoor rack cooling system, critical IT equipment can be ensured to receive precise coolant temperatures and flow yielding optimal server performance and maximum uptime.

  • Five (5) Standard Models

  • Custom OEM Solutions

  • Floor Mount & In-Rack profiles

  • Capacities to 1.25 MW of IT load

  • Built in redundancy and resiliency features

  • Advanced PLC control and safety system

  • Exascale Ready

  • Made in USA


Key Industries: High-Perfomance Computing • Semiconductor • Data Center • Telecom • Colocation Data Ceter • Enterprise Data Center • Higher Education • Government

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