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From Design to Completion Infection Control is our commitment

Our healthcare solutions

OR-UCVs HEPA unidirectional flow

SagiCofim UCVs are the result of over 30 years know-how developing filtration techniques and air diffusion in operating rooms. To protect patients from the risk of contracting infections, it is fundamental to be able to minimize the presence of contaminants, during the duration of each surgery.

Package Hygienic AHUs

Aldamed Hygienic Package AHUs are specially designed for the health care industry and cleanroom applications. Operating rooms, intensive care rooms, clean rooms, biotechnical laboratories, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, food industry, sterilization rooms.

Hybrid operating theatre

A hybrid OR combines two operating concepts, integration of a high-end angiography device into a completely equipped operating room. TechIN team will support you during the design, installation and commissioning of this type of rooms.

Operating room media bridge

OP 3800 provides a fully-integrated OR medical care system, since as well as the integrated connections for high voltage and low voltage current, medical gases and data and communications technologies, a disruption and turbulence-free laminar air supply is integrated into the system.

Medical supply systems

The modul technik "medical supply systems" are designed and built as fully customisable units, smoothly integrating medical gas technology, communications technology, carrier systems, lighting technology, high-voltage technology and low voltage technology.

Hygienic glass walls

MEDIK hygienic glass is the perfect material for functional rooms in medical construction. It’s very robust, enduring and functional and offers an unbeatable combination of hygiene, security and design.

Operating room exhaust grilles

Air exhaust grilles for contamination-controlled environments. The air exhaust grilles can be made from anodised aluminium (DEC A) or AISI 304 steel (DEC S), can be made to measure and include a grille, pre-filter, filter (high efficiency or absolute) and control damper.

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