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Modular - Air handling units

EUROVENT Certified

RHOSS modular air handling units are available with airflow range from 400l/s up to 34,700 l/s. The AHU conditions the air to achieve the desired indoor air quality, temperature and humidity.

Air handling units main sections:

  • Exhaust Fan Section

  • Mixing Box Section

  • Bag Filter Section

  • Heating-Cooling Section

  • Heat Recovery Section

  • Humidifier Section

  • Supply Fan Section

  • Sound Attenuator Section

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  • Airflow: 400 l/s to 34,700 l/s


  • Commercial

  • Hygienic

  • Single deck and multiple decking

  • Multi-zone 

  • Indoor and Outdoor installation


  • EC fans

  • AC fans with speed controller

  • Centrifugal

  • Belt-driven


  • Water and glycol coils

  • DX freon coils


  • Water coils

  • Electric banks

  • Vapor coils

Heat recovery

  • Wheel type

  • Plate type

  • Run-around coils


  • Any classification (EUROVEN certified)


  • UVC

  • Controls

  • Humidifiers 


The CTA ADV range is based on decades of Rhoss experience in the field of air handling and is continuously developed to meet the new requirements of the market and our customers.

• The possibility of conducting functional and performance tests of the units thanks to the R&D Lab allows us to test the reliability of our machines, the energy efficiency of the proposed systems and test new components and innovative solutions.
• The available range of air flows, the possibility of selecting a comprehensive range of functional modules and options, and the total flexibility of configurations available makes this range the ideal solution for applications in the service sector as well as those in the industrial sector.

The CTA ADV range guarantees:
• High quality of the selected components;
• Completeness of the offer of available sections and accessories;
• A wide range of flow rates and versatility of the available configurations;
• Optimal energy efficiency, air quality and comfort;
• Unlimited modularity to facilitate portability and on site positioning;
• Easy maintenance thanks to easy access to the sections that can be inspected and the set-ups available for service readings.


• STANDARD Series with a single fan with a rectangular section.
• NARROW Series with a single fan with a square section: useful to minimise the footprint taken up by the CTA.
• LOWERED Series with a combined fan: useful to minimise the total height of the CTA.
• VERTICAL Series.


• A total of 77 sizes are available, divided into standard, narrow and combined ranges.