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Air cooled chillers & heat pumps

EUROVENT Certified - Made in Italy

RHOSS a conscious choice

Behind every RHOSS chiller there is over 52 years experience, backed up by one of the largest EUROVENT Research and Development centres in Europe. 

The air cooled range has been developed to achieve the highest efficiency covering a capacity scope starting at 5 kW up 1.6 MW (EUROVENT conditions).

RHOSS chillers and heat pumps have built an enviable reputation for quality, low noise levels, corrosion resistance and high efficiency.

Sub Products Heading



  • From 5kW to 1.6MW (EUROVENT conditions)


  • Scroll

  • Inverter Scroll

  • Screw

  • Inverter Screw

Fans (Axial & Centrifugal)

  • AC fans with speed controller

  • EC fans

  • High static pressure EC Fans (Ductable air)


  • R410A, R134A, R1234ZE, R513A, R32, R454B


  • Free cooling

  • Remote condensing

  • Heat recovery (Partial and total)

  • High ambient temperature performance

  • Glycol cooling up to -8°C (Standard units)

  • Plate heat exchangers & Shell & Tube heat exchangers

  • Fully hydronic kits (Single pump, double pumps, expansion tank, buffer tank)

  • Variable primary flow by RHOSS

  • And much more… (Low noise level, noise reduction software, inbuilt master/slave, HLI…)



RHOSS participates in the Eurovent certification programmes for chillers, heat pumps and fan coils, according to the regulations: EN 14511 - EN 9614 - EN 1397

LEED certification - Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

RHOSS participates in the certification protocol of LEED buildings. The international system is based on the entire building life cycle from design and construction to management and maintenance.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification

RHOSS Spa supplies quality goods designed for environmental comfort.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

RHOSS Spa provides quality goods designed for environmental comfort, making them available and accessible thanks to the advanced technological and organisational level achieved, and, above all, to the committed, reliable and dedicated approach that RHOSS personnel take to their job every day.