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TechIN/SagiCofim UCV Technology has been awarded to retrofit an Orthopaedic Operating Theatre

Finally, the Australian Hospital HVAC Sector gets Great News, TechIN engineers have been working since last year in an Orthopaedic Operating Theatre retrofit design to achieve the highest level of cleanness/purity required inside an Operating Theatre of such importance.

Together with the Hospital Engineers, Mechanical Contractor and Mechanical Consultant, TechIN has developed a fully compliant design from the infection control point of view, this design meets all the Local Standard and Guidelines, on top, it shows the path to follow for the required Standard Update in Australia, completing the design with the highest requirements from the German and British Standards.

TechIN is supplying for this project the latest technology in Unidirectional Flow Canopies for Operating Theatres from Europe (Designed & Manufactured in Italy), offering the three velocities solution “Aseptic for the patient, Medical staff safety, Comfort for the surgical team”. Discover more clicking here!

The Canopy dimensions (3200 mm x 3200 mm) are designed to cover all the medical staff and the required equipment for Orthopaedic Surgeries (Avoiding cross contamination), additionally, these dimensions ensure the best outcome for the so called “Protected Zone”. These dimensions represent one of the biggest improvements of the local Standard and Guidelines, that are currently lacking of some of the specifications to achieve the required “Protected Zone”.

Two design concepts have been considered:

  1. Required air changes and air velocity at table level.

  2. Hygiene considerations: Type of surgery, gowning type, room crowding…

As result, the room has been designed to achieve total airflow through the canopy of 2,800 l/s (10,080 m3/h) with a design goal of ISO 5 grade of cleanness/purity.

Therefore, please stay around for further updates and details regarding this Australian Operating Theatre Design.

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