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TechIN appoints ecoHVAC as its exclusive RHOSS distributor for the QLD, NSW & ACT territories

Aligned with TechIN expansion strategy, TechIN has appointed ecoHVAC as its exclusive distributor of the RHOSS brand for the QLD, NSW and ACT territories; including chillers, heat pumps and polyvalent units (4 & 6 Pipes).

ecoHVAC vast experience in the HVAC&R industry will enrich the technical support of the RHOSS brand in these states, together with TechIN and RHOSS engineering departments the QLD, NSW and AACT HVAC&R industries will be now closer than ever to the outstanding RHOSS engineering solutions.

Behind every RHOSS chiller there is over 52 years experience, backed by one of the largest Eurovent Research and Development centres in Europe. The RHOSS hydraulic testing facility is large enough to load test the largest machine they manufacture, 1.7 MW. All RHOSS chillers are EUROVENT certified. RHOSS chillers and heat pumps have built an enviable reputation for quality, low noise levels, corrosion resistance and high efficiency.

Do you want to know more? Please contact:

ecoHVAC QLD at

ecoHVAC NSW & ACT at


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