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TechIN - New AHU range! Australia & New Zealand

Range: Airflow: 400 l/s to 34,700 l/s (bigger airflows under special design)

Construction: Commercial, Hygienic, Single deck and multiple decking, Multi-zone, Vertical & Horizontal, Indoor & Outdoor installation

Fans: EC fans, AC fans with speed controller, Centrifugal, Belt-driven

Cooling: Water and glycol coils, DX Freon coils, Special coils like CO2, NH3…

Heating: Water coils, Electric banks, Vapor coils

Heat recovery: Wheel type, Plate type, Run-around coils

Filters: Any classification (EUROVENT certified)

Options: UVC, Controls, Humidifiers

Casing: T2 -T3 class. TB1 - TB3 class


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