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Become a TechIN's distributor agent! WA / SA / TAS / NT

Based on the success of the distributor agent strategy established in 2018, TechIN is expanding its distribution network for AHUs, Chillers/Heat Pumps and HEPA UCVs for Operating Theaters.

If your company has experience in the local HVAC market of WA, SA, TAS and NT and you are looking to expand the product range you offer to your market, this is the opportunity to establish a long-lasting and profitable partnership with TechIN and increase your scope.

TechIN is looking to be closer to their customers via these new partnerships, offering engineering support to builders, consultant and contractors as well to the after-sell market with its increasing numbers of national service agents.

Advantages of being our distributor agent:

- HVAC training on the product ranges.

- Flow of customers from us to your company.

- Our distributor agents are listed on our website.

- You don’t need to worry about import and transport charges.

- We own and honour any warranty.

- Among many others…

Register your interest sending an email to

If you want to get a better insight into the ranges, please visit:


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