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We are leaders in HVAC&R solutions and technical support

Our Core Range

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Our Healthcare Solutions

UCVs, Hygienic package AHUs, Air purification, Terminal filters, Medical supply systems, Hygienic glass walls, and more... 


Our HVAC&R Solutions

Chillers, Heat Pumps, 4 Pipes (Polyvalent), AHUs, FCUs, Chilled Beams, Heat Exchangers, Data Centre cooling and more...

Image by Shi Min Teh

Our Origins

TechIN started in 2016 in Melbourne - Australia with an entrepreneur engineer’s initiative, looking to deliver to the market engineering solutions as per customer needs, through the integration of technology and innovation.


Education Centre

We have created this space to incentive the knowledge sharing between our partners' R&D department, our local engineering team and the Australian consultants, contractors and builders.

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