Package Hygienic AHUs

Certified and tested DIN 1946 /4: 2008

The PLUG&PLAY approach to the OR air treatment and room control

All hospitals and cleanrooms shall be compatible with hygienic standards as known.

It is not possible to create a hygienic environment in places where there is no climatization and ventilation because of the production of particles and microorganisms within the environment.

Aldamed Hygienic units are specially designed for the health care industry and cleanroom applications. Operating rooms, intensive care rooms, clean rooms, biotechnical laboratories, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, food industry, beverage industry, data centres, sterilization rooms should be compatible to hygienic conditions and potential application fields.

Fresh air is filtered against dust, microorganisms, odour and anesthetic gases in order to be compatible with hygienic standards. At the same time with air quality, the parameters of the area such as temperature, humidity, positive & negative pressure are kept under control. 

The Aldamed units are manufactured as standard with 2 different types in 3 different capacities in the range of 650 l/s to 4,150 l/s airflow.

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  • Airflow: 650 l/s to 4,150 l/s


  • Hygienic (Certified and tested DIN 1946 /4: 2008)

  • Indoor and Outdoor installation

  • Control and power prewired


  • EC fans


  • Water and glycol coils


  • Water coils

  • Electric banks

Heat recovery

  • Run-around coils


  • Any classification (EUROVEN certified)


  • UVC

  • Humidifiers

  • HEPA DP to be installed at the HEPA filter diffuser

  • Secondary room sensors (Temperature and HEPA DP)

Casing characteristics
Casing characteristics

ALDAG AKS modular air handling units are EUROVENT (AKS-600 AKS-2535) certified and tested in accordance with DIN 1946 /4: 2008, DIN EN ISO 5167 Standard.

  • Maximum deflection for mechanical strength of the casing is compatible with EN 1886 Standard. The positive and negative pressure is compatible with Dl (M) Class. Maximum Leakage between -400 Pa and +700 Pa is compatible with L1 Class.

  • Filter By-Pass Leakage is compatible with F9 Class. There exist two different models of casing for AHU, certified by Eurovent so thermal conductivity resistance is compatible with T2 &T3 Class.

  • Thermal Bridge is compatible with TB1&TB2 Class.

  • The panels and service doors are double skinned &made of submersion galvanized steel sheets. The outer skin steel sheets are RAL 9002 polyester powder coated. The steel thickness is minimum 0,9 mm for outer skin sheets and 0,8mm for inner skin sheets.

  • AII the interior surfaces of the casing are suitable for washing and cleaning and completely smooth without any welding at the joints.

  • 60 mm polyurethane insulation is used between the inner and the outer steel sheets of the panels.

  • The panels can be easily mounted and dismounted externally.

  • The air handling unit sections are connected externally by mechanical fasteners.

  • On the casing of the air handling units, there exists labels which include the technical specifications of the unit. in addition, on each section casing, there is an identification label which is long lasting and resistant to humidity and water.

  • In case air handling unit sections are partially delivered to the installation place, in order to provide easy and accurate onsite assembly, another identification label is placed on each section which includes the information of section name and section number.