Made in Turkey

The experience coming from the past, The power walking to the future

ALDAG is a company with more of half a century of experience manufacturing HVAC products. A wide spectrum range covering of air handling units, fan coils and heat recovery units. It specializes in custom design and manufacture as per technical specifications & requirements.

  • Established in 1967

  • First manufacturing investment in Turkish HVAC industry

  • Initially a joint venture between Alarko contracting company and Dagoglu Family during the first establishment until 1992

  • Core business is Central HVAC Systems

  • 50% growth rate in 2.5 years

  • Doubled the employment volume in 2.5 years

  • Owning an independent R&D center

  • Beginning of commercial partnership with CIAT in 2019

Energy efficiency criteria
Energy efficiency criteria
  • Submitted for Leeds Certification

  • Methodology: ‘Integrated System Design’

  • Solar collectors for hot water production

  • Photovoltaic system for generating electricity

  • Filtration of wastewater and rainwater by reusing with water tank

  • Using recycled materials for construction

  • Evaporative cooling systems

  • Energy efficient armatures

  • Charging stations for electric and hybrid cars.

  • Solar tube lightning systems

  • Establishment of a BMS System that can control all the electro-mechanical systems within the facility

  • Ultraviolet ed exterior surface of the administration building

  • Zero waste management system through all processes

  • Landscape planning based on the criteria of minimum water consumption

  • Total production facility area 40,000 m 2

  • Location Akhisar Manisa /TURKEY

The ALDAG range

Modular - Air handling units

ALDAG modular air handling units are available with airflow range from 400 l/s up to 34,700 l/s. The AHU conditions the air to achieve the desired indoor air quality, temperature and humidity. (EUROVENT Certified)


Package Hygienic AHUs

Aldamed Hygienic Package AHUs are specially designed for the health care industry and cleanroom applications. Operating rooms, intensive care rooms, clean rooms, biotechnical laboratories, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, food industry, sterilization rooms.


Vertical type - Air handling units

ALDAG vertical type AHU has been developed with an innovative design that makes them very compact with a small footprint compared with the conventional AHUs. 12 different types of units within a range of 700 l/s to 8,300 l/s airflow.